Ashikaga Fireworks Summer Festa 2012

Ashikaga Fireworks Summer Festa

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  • Ashikaga Fireworks Ashikaga Fireworks Summer Festa

Get out of Tokyo and witness the spectacle of one of the biggest fireworks festivals in Japan!

This Club Trip features:
* One of the biggest Fireworks Fests in Japan
* Over 20000 fireworks to be let off!
* Coco Farm Winery tasting tour during the day
* Sightseeing in Tochigi Prefecture

We will be leaving from Shinjuku in the morning and cruising by private bus to Ashikaga in Tochigi prefecture. Stopping off at the beautiful Coco Farm Winery to have a picnic lunch amongst the grapes and sample the fine wines of the region.

Coco Farm Winery Tochigi

Coco Farm Winery Tochigi

After leaving the winery we will travel just down the road to the riverside venue of the fireworks festival. As well as being one of the biggest fireworks displays in Japan the annual summer fireworks festa is also one of the longest running events, first being held in 1903. The fireworks show runs non-stop for an hour and a half with over 20000 fireworks exploding above.

Ahikaga Tochigi Fireworks

Exploding above the river

You can see all variety of fireworks on display here from the incredible starmine bursts to the high impact Niagra Falls type fireworks. There are literally hundreds or food and drink stalls set up outside at the venue and thousands of people are expected.

Its sure to be another great Japanese summer festival - hope that you can join us!

The Plan

Saturday 4th August
09:00am Meet in Shinjuku. Get on the bus. Depart Shinjuku. Stop for a rest/snack break along the way.
11:30pm Arrive at Coco Farm Winery.
11:30pm ~ 15:00pm Sightseeing at the winery. Tasting tour. Picnic lunch amongst the grapes.
15:00pm ~ 15:30pm Get back on the bus and cruise down the road to the fireworks festival venue.
15:30pm ~ 20:30pm Fun at the Festival! We will save a space for our group. Relax with great food, drinks and new and old friends. Check out the incredible Fireworks display 19:00 ~ 20:30pm. Remember to bring your camera!
20:30pm Get on the bus and depart for Shinjuku.
22:00pm Arrive back in Shinjuku.

The Price

Price includes:
Round trip private bus from Shinjuku to Ashikaga, Tochigi.
Private bus transfer from the winery to the festival venue.
Tasting tour fee at the winery
Chance to hang out with a fun group of people and check out one of the most amazing fireworks displays in Japan.
Total Cost : 5500 yen - FULL - email trips@tokyosnowclub.com for waiting list

Ashikaga Fireworks Summer Festa

Ashikaga Fireworks Summer Festa