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The plan to meet in Shinjuku at 11:10pm on a Friday night for the most part worked out well – apart from the fact that our bus driver decided to park on the opposite side of the road on which we were meeting! It took a bit of running back and forth but we finally managed to get everyone on board.

Kagura Snow Bus

A glass (paper cup) of wine put most people in a fairly sleepy mood and after watching the start of the movie Hangover in Japanese 3 times, we finally gave up on the 1950′s DVD player in the bus  and the majority of members opted to sleep. We arrived in the Kagura Ski Resort Car Park at around 3am and the first thing that was very clear was – the lack of snow! A little disappointing but it was no problem as it started dumping at around 7am and continued to snow heavily throughout the day.

Kagura Ski Group

While at 8am the majority of the resort was still closed due to lack of snow, by 11am 90% of the resort was open with metre deep, unridden powder to be had all over.  It was great hurling past people stuck knee deep in powder hooting, only to find myself stuck in the powder as well  a few minutes later!! Alot of these runs were open for the first time this season so we were lucky to score first tracks on runs that hadn’t been ridden for 8 months or so. Good stuff!!

Kagura Snow Branch Gondola

Around half the group finished skiing/boarding around 2pm and we cruised down the road to the local onsen – Kaido no Yu – a very cool onsen in a traditional style Japanese building with indoor and outdoor hot springs. Stepping outside with nothing but a small towel when its minus 5 degrees is always a shock to the system!!

Kagura Onsen

Heading back to the ski resort car park to meet up with the rest of the group  – a couple of members had a little trouble getting down from the mountain on time – Kagura is a bit tricky with numerous gondolas and lifts that you need to navigate in order to get back to the car park. We eventually left at 5:30pm and after stopping for dinner along the way, arrived back in Shinjuku around 9:00pm.

Kagura Ski Resort

We were very lucky with the snow and had a great group of folks along for the ride – definitely a good start to the snow season – cant wait for more!!

Kagura Gondola

The next club trip is on the January long weekend (8th, 9th, 10th) to ski and board at Tsugaike Kogen and Cortina and party at the live music event – First Tracks 2011. Cant wait for the next trip! There’s possibly a few spaces left on the second bus for the First Tracks trip so if you’re keen to come check out the details here.

Snowy Car Park Kagura

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