2012 Japan Snow Season Lift Pass Giveaways

Hakuba Sanosaka Lift Pass Winners

Winning Entries

1. David - I got my tongue stuck to a chair lift. There was a huge line, and that section of the mountain was closed for about 45 min.

2. Tim - Not in the snow, but going up a chairlift when I was 11 years old. My jacket had pull strings with plastic fasteners on the end - as was the style at the time. One of the plastic fasteners got caught between the plastic pieces that were used for seating. When I went to get off the chair lift, I was yanked back and the chairlift kept going around to the end and curved around and started to head back down hill, with me suspended by my jacket pull string - because I was so light everything held together - about five feet off the ground. I was yelling and crying, but needless to say all my friends and the staff at the hill were killing themselves laughing. I still get bugged about this.

3. Cathy - My zipper on my 'alll in one' got stuck close to the top, which meant i couldnt get it off. This was on my lunch break when i really really needed to pee. No longer able to hold it in, I had to use my penknife key chain to cut a slit in the most usefull area to relieve myself, before hopeing no one would notice the slit and expect it was done due to a cool accident in the snow park.... I didnt even tell anyone until now about this and had planned a fall close to the trees incase anyone noticed.. Obviously, my next trip had me all suited up in a two piece combo, never to wear an 'all in one' again... not even those cool top and shorts 'all in ones' that were fashion cool this summer!! 'One piece' snow gear needs zippers in obvious places!!!

4. 本浩 - 思いっきり転んでかつらまでとんでしまったこと

5. 敏郎 - 自分の彼女と間違えて後ろ姿の見知らぬ女性の頭をストックでポカリと殴ってしまった。


Random Sample of Answers

Whats the most embarrassing thing that's happened to you in the snow?

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リフトの真下で派手に転び、雪が深かったため両足の板が垂直に刺さったまま7~8分抜け出せなかった事です。 レディーなのに両足押っ広げ・・・リフトから「大丈夫ですか~?」と声をかけて下さる人もいましたが、恥ずかしくてたまりませんでした・・・。

I was sick so I took a nap in the lodge. When I came out, my board had been buried by the storm. I searched for hours with the good staff at Hakuba One, but to no avail. I did find a rental board that looked allot like mine.... someone had knicked my board thinking it was a rental... the gondola ride down without my board was the saddest lift of my life!



ボードで滑っていて、顔面から転んだ事かなぁ。 おまけにゴーグルや帽子まで落としてしまった事。

股がやけに涼しいな・・・と思ったら チャック全開で豪快に滑っていた事かな~


ICチップのリフト券を初めて使ったときリフトで 「ここに触れて下さい」と言われて手のひらで触れた時




ICチップのリフト券を初めて使ったときリフトで 「ここに触れて下さい」と言われて手のひらで触れた時

Fell face down , ending up with a face full of snow, and looking like a real-life snowman.

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