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Reviewed: 2022-11-10

Shosenkyo Gorge Fall Colors Walk & Winery Tour

The winery took two places around Yamanashi and the we have onsen option, which is pretty relaxing after wine testing. The regrettable part is because of traffic jam, the Shosenkyo area was not fully explored and we had less time for lunch. Maybe it's better to just split the tour as Shosenkyo Gorge Tour OR Winery Tour. But in overall, it was a fun trip and we made new friends along the way!

Traveller: Putri


Reviewed: 2022-11-03

Kayaking in Okutama

it was a very nice trip. really enjoying with new friends and guides. logistic supports were enough. It's the best place for autumn kayaking and natural beauty.

Traveller: OPU


Reviewed: 2022-11-01

Katsunuma Grape, Wine & Fire Festival

It was fun, we saw the festival and tasted grapes and wines, there is many winery would have spent more if the highway was clearer that day

Traveller: momo


Reviewed: 2022-11-01

Autumn Kayaking

Beautiful and relaxing experience out in Mitake, Okutama. No need to be a pro in kayaking. The guide and instructor were super patient with everyone. Overall, the trip was well organized with no delays. I appreciated the allowance of some flexibility for those who opted for different activities after the kayaking.

Traveller: LC


Reviewed: 2022-10-28

Kayaking in Okutama

Kayaking on Okutama is one of the coolest things I've done around Tokyo. Sunny weather, blue waters, and battling to keep the kayak straight, esp. in parts of the river where the stream gets stronger. Awesome! Can't recommend this enough.

Traveller: Aksaya

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