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Reviewed: 2022-04-20

Summer Season Start Party

I recommend going to this party every year. It is a perfect opportunity to meet other club members, exchange contact information, and start friendships.

Traveller: Eri


Reviewed: 2022-04-19

Shiga Kogen Snow Monkey Powder

I had a great time on the the Shiga Kogen Snow Monkey Trip. We stayed at a cozy place and were so close to the mountains. The onsen in the hotel was nice to visit and everyone was super friendly. Shiga Kogen is a beautiful area- felt like a winter wonderland and the snow monkeys were adorable. Super organized, super fun trip. I highly reccommend.

Traveller: Ila


Reviewed: 2022-04-19

Kayaking in Okutama

I had a lot of fun: the guide was very nice and accommodating. The activity was well organised and even if it was a bit cold, once we started having fun I did not mind it at all. I'm definitely going again!

Traveller: asd_asd


Reviewed: 2022-04-19

Summer Season Start Party

I had a really nice time at the summer season party! It was great to see some people from previous trips and meet a lot of new people. It was also nice to see the trip leaders from the trips we had been on previously. The location in Shibuya was great, it was at a bar I had past many times and had been meaning to check out. There was a singer who was really great and the DJ was good. There were also many raffle giveaways of various prizes ranging from small trinkets to t-shirts to free trips. The fee to attend the party included one drink. The only thing I would say is that their bar could have had higher quality drinks- it felt very cheap and low quality. Overall it was a nice time and I am looking forward to going on trips in this summer season such as kayaking, winery tours, rafting and hiking.

Traveller: Julia


Reviewed: 2022-04-18

Mt Mitake Hike

I really liked it. It was so nice making new friends and enjoying the moments in nature. Kaiji San was also really responsible of leading the group in the best way.

Traveller: VALEH

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