M Festival: Mountain Music Festival

M Festival: Mountain Music Festival

Two day music festival & camping in beautiful Minakami! Over 20 different live acts, promoting world class music, sustainability, art, and outdoor lifestyle!
M Festival: Mountain Music Festival - Japan

M Festival: Mountain Music Festival


Get ready for a mesmerizing celebration of music, nature, and fun at M Festival 2023! Held over the whole weekend, at the scenic Canyons Minakami, this unique music festival invites you to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of world music while surrounded by breathtaking natural landscapes.

The festival features over 23 different live music acts, live art, performances, food and market stalls and more. There will be indoor & outdoor stages running simultaneous at a stunning riverside venue at the base of the mountains.

We will be camping in a beautiful camp site at the base of the towering Mt Tanigawadake, only a short walk to the festival venue. We can easily stroll back to the camp to relax and recharge before heading back to M-Fest. There are also several hot springs around the area to explore.

Visit the M Festival official site for the full lineup of bands/artists and other festival details.

The Plan

9:00 ~ 12:30:
Meet in Shinjuku. Board the TSC bus. Private bus to Minakami.
Check into the camp site. Set up camp.
13:30 ~ 22:00:
M Festival! Over 20 live music acts. Live art, performances, food and market stalls ,drinks, dancing - good times!
7:30 ~ 10:00:
Relax at the campsite. Visit local hot springs.
10:00 ~ 18:00:
Another fun day at M-Festival and/or explore Minakami (hiking, waterfalls, mountain biking, onsens, rafting, canyoning etc)
18:00 ~ 21:00:
Private bus back from Minakami to Shinjuku.

Trip Reviews

This was a really great trip. We were a small group, but everyone got along really well. It was nice sharing snacks and drinks on the long the bus ride. The bus was comfortable, and I was able to nap on the ride to the event. Keiji, as always, was a fantastic guide. He communicated efficiently, and I appreciated having a Whatsapp group to be able to communicate with each other throughout the weekend. Often guides separate from the group, so it was nice that Keiji hung out with everyone and also enjoyed the festival. The tents were comfortable, even with it raining all night. There was a wide variety of artists at the event, and it was fun also being able to play pool or go swimming. The drinks and food were reasonably priced, and tasted really good. I also liked being able to go to the onsen nearby. Overall fantastic weekend and looking forward to my next TSC trip!

JuJu - 2023-10-28