Ashikaga Flower Fantasy Illumination

Ashikaga Flower Fantasy Illumination

Afternoon/evening trip to the spectacular Flower Fantasy Illumination event in Ashikaga, voted the number one illumination in Japan. This event is a mind-blowing, unmissable experience!
Ashikaga Flower Fantasy Illumination - Japan

Ashikaga Flower Fantasy Illumination


The Flower Fantasy Illumination event is held in the grounds of the Ashikaga Flower Park from late autumn to mid-winter. This breathtaking exhibition features over 3.5 million lights and you can easily spend hours here walking through the huge event parklands and marveling at the spectacle. Words and photos do not do this event justice, you really have to see it first hand to experience the incredible magic. The event designers use the natural surrounds, flowers, ponds, hills and fields to create a visual spectacle like no other.

The flower park in which the event is held, is a huge space spread out over a variety of different zones that can be explored for several hours. There are many cafes, bars, gift shops and food outlets also throughout the grounds. This is an unmissable event - don't forget your camera!

The Plan

15:30 ~ 17:00:
Meet in Shinjuku. All aboard the TSC Bus! Comfortable, private bus to the illumination event grounds.
17:00 ~ 20:00:
Fun at the event. Explore the incredible illumination! Dinner & drinks available at the event.
20:00 ~ 21:30:
Return TSC private bus back to Shinjuku.

Trip Reviews

This was such a beautiful illumination event! And going with the snow club made it so easy to get to and back. The bus is comfortable, then you get to the park and you wander around, then an easy ride back to town.

Janel - 2023-04-28

The whole trip was properly managed including the comfortable traveling to and fro. Since it was a group trip, I made friends too which made the journey more interesting. Flower Fantasy Illumination was just splendid and something unique to be seen. We had plenty of time to roam around the whole parklands. The natural surrounds, flowers, ponds, hills and fields created visual spectacle. There were many food stalls and even shops selling different kind of flowery products. This place is definitely very Instagram-able as one can have lot of beautiful clicks here. Also, for couples this is a paradise as there were many exclusive pretty photo-spots. Since it's an open park, it was very cold so please dress warm to enjoy properly.

Nik - 2022-11-29

Dress warm!!! Very Instagram-able place. It’s a lot bigger than expected. There are several eating places, to include indoor dining. There were food trucks/stalls as well, and outdoor seating had some heaters around. The light displays were fantastic. You exit through the gift shop and it’s fairly big. I regret not giving myself more time to look through the store on my way out to meet the bus.

Jeff - 2021-11-30