Autumn Color Kayaking

Autumn Color Kayaking

Kayaking through the beautiful autumn colors of the upper reaches of the Tama river followed by a visit to a riverside sake brewery.


Kayaking in Okutama is the best way to check out the incredible colors of the autumn leaves as well as having a lot of fun! We will be kayaking on the Shiromaru section of the Tama river which is predominantly a gentle lake like section famous for its incredible green and clear waters. We will be doing a beginners course so its fine for first-timers.

Later in the day, a short hike along the riverside will get us to the local Sake Brewery where we can sample the great local sake and have lunch by the river. After relaxing at, and exploring the sake brewery and gardens, you can choose to head home or visit the local onsen.

The Plan

Catch the JR train to Shiromaru Station
Arrive at Shiromaru Station in Okutama. Walk to the kayaking base centre.
10:00 ~ 13:00:
Kayaking in Okutama! Learn basic techiniques. Take in the beautiful Autumn colors. Relax on the river.
Visit the beautiful riverside sake brewery. Lunch by the river. Sake tasting.
15:30 onwards:
Head to the local onsen (optional) before catching the train back to Shinjuku.


  • Half day Kayaking course
  • All required rental gear - wetsuits, lifejackets, helmets, boots, kayak, paddle etc.
  • English & Japanese speaking trip leaders / instructors
  • Visit to the local sake brewery
  • Accident insurance
  • A fun day out in beautiful Okutama!
  • Sales tax (10%)

Dates & Availability

Depart End Space Price Booking
Nov 10th (Sun) Nov 10th (Sun) 19/20 6900円 Book
Nov 16th (Sat) Nov 16th (Sat) 19/20 6900円 Book
Nov 23rd (Sat) Nov 23rd (Sat) 19/20 6900円 Book

Trip Reviews

Great day, great activities, great group, very professional organisers!

Léo - 2023-12-02

Excellent organizer, well planned and good people to plan your trip. I liked the host very well, he was very polite, helping and very good at English. Looks like he is very passionate about hosting and travel.

Mune - 2023-11-07

It was an amazing experience.

Jitesh - 2023-02-14

Awesome trip, well organized and very relaxing as a whole. I went to the rest of Tokyo Snow Club trips because of how fun this trip was.

Cecilia - 2022-12-28

Peak autumn is when the valley of the river turns red. Amazing scenery. Water's a bit cold, but with luck you won't fall into the water (kidding). Kayaking course is for beginners but quite relaxing nonetheless. With luck, you'll run into awesome people, and also end up going to the river and talking till the sun sets : )

Aksaya - 2022-11-30

Went to the trip in the peak of Autumn. The momiji were deep-red but, alas, the weather was a bit cloudy. Nevertheless, the rain-god didn't let it pour, and it was fun nevertheless!

Aksaya - 2022-11-30

This was the last kayaking trip of the year by TSC. As always, the valley before the dam in Shiromaru was as scenic as ever, and the water surprisingly wasn't as cold. The kayaking course is fairly easy - the river is dammed right after the kayaking place and so it's practically a lake with few currents. Perfect for beginners and also for people just trying to relax outdoors. Later on, at the sake brewery, you can taste many unique nihon-shu for not much money and may be hang around with folks. Definitely recommended.

Aksaya - 2022-11-30

The valley was in the middle of turning red and the sun was out. Interesting folk, amazing scenery, clear water, and later on, great food & drink downstream. Definitely recommended.

Aksaya - 2022-11-30

Even if you’ve never kayaked before it’s doable. They give you a run down on how to kayak and you’re pretty much free to kayak on the river and lake however way you want. The brewery was also a great place with a great view.

Sophia - 2022-11-22

It was a great day spent in the Okutama area! Overall the trip was very chill. We had enough time to do everything without feeling rushed; Kayaking, Lunch and Sake Tasting. With the format of the trip, it was also easy to get to know and talk with other people on the trip. Keiji was a great guide as always, very clear with instructions. Will back for another trip for sure :)

Jo - 2022-11-22

I had a super wonderful time at the activities! Kayaking was very tiring but fun, in addition to all the sceneries surrounding the river, it felt so serene. Our guide, Keiji, was nice and caring for all of his guests. He's helpful, very informative, and patiently kept guiding me on how to paddle the Kayak properly. The lunch at the brewery after that alleviated all the weariness from kayaking. Small yet elegant place, the location is perfect for relaxing and enjoying nature while eating hot udon/soba and sipping the Sake. Had a great talk and laugh during the whole trip, big props to Keiji!!

AKS - 2022-11-14

Beautiful and relaxing experience out in Mitake, Okutama. No need to be a pro in kayaking. The guide and instructor were super patient with everyone. Overall, the trip was well organized with no delays. I appreciated the allowance of some flexibility for those who opted for different activities after the kayaking.

LC - 2022-11-01

Trip was close one but really nice! the tour guide was really supportive and easy-going and helped us to keep good momentum among all of us! Totally recommended!

Marco - 2022-03-05

It was amazing! Mr. Ken guided us and very hospitable.

Kath - 2021-12-01

I had a great time kayaking ! Scenery is amazing, very picturesque, the staff was friendly and helpful (plus tried their best with english). Lunch at Sake brewery is a wonderful experience, I was not aware of this place, and I think that it is a must see/taste in the Okutama neighbourhood! Big up to Ken-san who came with his super happy mood and help us all along ! 10/10 would recommend !

Thomas - 2021-11-16