Canyoning in Okutama

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Canyoning in Okutama - Japan

Canyoning in Okutama


Canyoning is an exhilarating, refreshing and challenging way to immerse yourself in the beautiful natural surrounds of Okutama. We will spend the day navigating the river and waterfalls using a variety of techniques including jumps, slides and rappelling. Experienced guides will teach you everything you need to know and with over 90% of the time spent in the water this is an unbeatable way to experience the beauty of the region!

After canyoning we will head down the road for a short riverside hike and a visit to the excellent riverside sake brewery. The brewery features a great outdoor garden and riverside picnic area where we can have lunch followed by some sake tasting.

The Plan

Meet at Mitake Station in Okutama and walk to the canyoning base.
9:30 ~ 12:00:
Canyoning! Traversing the awesome canyons in Okutama. Thrills in the waterfalls, streams and canyons of Okutama.
12:00 ~ 15:00:
Visit the local riverside sake brewery for lunch. Relax by the river. Sake tasting at the brewery. Optional river swim or hot spring on the way home.

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