Mt Takao Hike

Next Trip: Jun 17, 2023


Mount Takao (高尾山, Takaosan), standing at 599m tall, is one of the closest mountains to hike to central Tokyo, offering beautiful scenery, an interesting temple and a variety of different routes.

Mount Takao has been a sacred site for over 1,000 years. Mountain ascetics called "Yamabushi" would train here, in practices such as waterfall asceticism and sutra reading. There are sights at the base and along the way to the summit, including a Buddhist temple, as well as views of Tokyo to admire.

Yakuoin, an attractive temple, stands along the trail near the mountain's summit, and many visitors stop there to pray to Shinto mountain gods (tengu) for good fortune. Statues of the gods, one with a long nose and one with a crow beak, can be found at the temple and also other spots around the mountain. Mount Takao has a cable car and a lift (ski lift style) that can take you most of the way up. It’s located in the Tama region at the western edge of Tokyo, about an hour by train from Shinjuku Station.

For our hike, we will start by meeting at Shinjuku Station and making our way together on the train to Takaosanguchi station. We will go up following trail 4 which will allow us to cross over the suspended bridge. At the summit, we will take a rest for lunch. After refueling our energy, we will do the short summit hike and make our way down to the midstation observation deck passing through the Yakuo-in Temple. At the observation deck, we can stop for a beer at Mount Beer. We can optionally take the cable-car of lift down (one way ticket included).

For the last bit down we will go through a foresty path where we will be able to spot the Biwa Waterfall. Back at the base, you can optionally visit the Trick Art Museum or Onsen.

The Plan

Meet at Shinjuku station. Pick up the train tickets from thetrip leader. Train to Mt Takao.
10:00 ~ 15:00:
Hike Mt. Takao (ride the cable car, cross over the suspended bridge, walk around the summit of mt. Takao, See the Yakuo-in temple, Visit the observation deck, admire the Biwa Waterfall)
15:00 ~ :
Optional visit to local onsen or trick art museum. Train back to Shinjuku.


  • Train tickets: round trip train tickets from Shinjuku ~ Mt Takao ~ Shinjuku
  • Dedicated trip leader who can speak English and Japanese.
  • One way lift or cable car on the mountain.
  • Accident insurance
  • 10% sales tax

Dates & Availability

Depart End Space Price Booking
Jun 17th (Sat) Jun 17th (Sat) 4/15 4900 3920円 
Jun 17th (Sat) Jun 17th (Sat) 5/5 4900円 Book

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