Chichibu Shibazakura Festival & Wooden Boat Rafting

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Chichibu Shibazakura Festival & Wooden Boat Rafting - Japan

Chichibu Shibazakura Festival & Wooden Boat Rafting


Nagatoro is a small mountain village located in Chichibu. The Arakawa river which flows through the town offers visitors a unique chance to experience a traditional wooden boat style of rafting. The traditional rafting involves boarding a wooden boat controlled by a driver with a long wooden pole. The boat then cruises, mostly peacefully, down the river, giving you ample opportunity to take in the incredible scenery while navigating a few rapids along the way.

The Shibazakura Festival is essentially a 16500 square metre carpet of flowers! Predominantly pink and resembling the famous cherry blossoms, these flowers are an incredible sight, spread out over so much of the park and presented so perfectly in various patterns and shapes. Definitely one of the most photogenic festivals in Japan!! The festival also features the usual variety of food and drink stalls and other entertainment.

The Plan

8:00am ~ 10:00am:
Meet in Shinjuku. Get on the bus. Depart Shinjuku. Stop for a rest/snack break along the way.
10:00 ~ 14:00:
Wooden boat rafting in Nagatoro. Sightseeing. Picnic by the river overlooking the gorge.
14:00 ~ 16:00:
Visit the Shibazakura Festival. Remember your cameras!
16:00 ~ 18:30:
Bus back to Shinjuku. Dinner/rest stop along the way.

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