Kayaking in Okutama

Kayaking in Okutama

A fun day in Okutama! Kayaking through the beautiful upper reaches of the Tama river followed by a visit to a riverside sake brewery.


Kayaking is a leisurely and fun way to explore the area and take in the beautiful leafy green surroundings. We will be kayaking on the Shiromaru section of the Tama river which is predominantly a gentle lake like section famous for its incredible green and clear waters. We will be doing a beginners course so its fine for first-timers. All required gear will be provided.

Following our kayaking adventure, a short hike along the riverside will get us to the local Sake Brewery where we can sample the great local sake and have lunch by the river. After relaxing at and exploring the sake brewery and gardens you can choose to head home or visit the local onsen.

The Plan

Catch the holiday express train from Shinjuku
Meet at SHIROMARU Station in the Okutama area. Walk to the kayaking base centre.
10:00 ~ 13:00:
Kayaking in Okutama! Learn basic techiniques. Take in the beautiful lush green surroundings. Relax on the river.
13:00 ~ 15:30:
Visit the beautiful riverside sake brewery. Lunch by the river. Sake tasting.
15:30 onwards:
Head to the local onsen (optional) before catching the train back to Shinjuku.


  • Half day Kayaking course
  • All required rental gear - wetsuits, lifejackets, helmets, boots, kayak, paddle etc.
  • English & Japanese speaking trip leaders / instructors
  • Visit to the local sake brewery
  • Insurance & 10% sales tax
  • A fun day out in beautiful Okutama!

Dates & Availability

Depart End Space Price Booking
Aug 18th (Sun) Aug 18th (Sun) 13/25 6900円 Book
Sep 28th (Sat) Sep 28th (Sat) 18/25 6900円 Book

Trip Reviews

It was a great trip and two guides where very kind,helpfull, very keen on my safety :) my teammates where also very nice people from different parts of the world :) hope to join back soon with all of them ;) thank you :)

Goutham - 2024-07-22

It seems like TSC is magic. The kayaking was beautifully curated - great location and outstanding guide. Go rain or shine! We had a brief moment of rain but the weather was still fabulous and in the morning we had a light fog along the lake and tucked into the folds of the mountains. The lunch spot with the sake tasting room next door was a highlight- incredible natural location along the river.

Glenn - 2024-06-24

Had a great time on the trip! We started reasonably early from Shinjuku but this helped avoid crowds and have a comfortable train journey. The sake brewery was an unexpected delight - really lovely setting, good and well priced food and of course a great selection of good quality sake. I enjoyed the group we were with - a pretty diverse crowd, easy to make new friends. KG, our guide, made sure the whole adventure went smoothly and had just the right friendly attitude. Kayaking was fun and definitely for beginners - no strong currents, clear and calm water. The instructors spoke mostly Japanese but our guide translated everything perfectly. We went a bit upstream and then downstream, all under close supervision. The kayaks were a little difficult to control but not a big deal overall. The group was about 20 people but it did not feel crowded neither on the water nor during transport or lunch.

Aga - 2023-05-29

I enjoyed nature so much that I could hardly believe I was in Tokyo. We were able to kayak even in light rain, and the group leader and members were very friendly and enjoyable.

AK - 2023-05-02

My spouse and I had a nice time joining a group of 11 ppl on a kayaking trip in Okutama. All the logistics were taken care of and although it was raining, the kayak company had rain jackets that we could wear while kayaking to stay warm. We enjoyed visiting the sake brewery town in Sawai and eating at a tofu specialty restaurant. It was also fun meeting a diverse group of people from Tokyo.

hoyhoy80 - 2023-05-02

Very good experience with Senia, a lot of fun even with the rainny day. Recommended. Michael

Michael19680704 - 2023-05-02

Suitable for beginners. We were lucky it was a sunny day so we could see the bottom of the river through the clean and transparent water. We spotted some cute ducks. A locker for our belongings was available at the location, you don't have to carry everything with you on the kayak so don't worry about it :) The kayaking instructor could not speak English very well but the tour guide was there to assist with the translation if needed.

purple_rika - 2023-04-11

Summer time is when the valley is green and the water is cool enough for a swim. Once you're done with the kayaking you can head on down to the sake-brewery, get some stuff to drink, and may be dunk in the river : )

Aksaya - 2022-11-30

it was a very nice trip. really enjoying with new friends and guides. logistic supports were enough. It's the best place for autumn kayaking and natural beauty.

OPU - 2022-11-03

Kayaking on Okutama is one of the coolest things I've done around Tokyo. Sunny weather, blue waters, and battling to keep the kayak straight, esp. in parts of the river where the stream gets stronger. Awesome! Can't recommend this enough.

Aksaya - 2022-10-28

Very beautiful and peaceful place for kayaking. It's perfect for beginners and to take photos of nature and people you came with. Very nice experience ! I recommend it.

Thomas - 2022-10-27

The trip was so fun. Definitely must try. Great tour guide. Very awesome.

Erin - 2022-09-13

The Kayaking experience in Okutama was superb - beautiful mountains, pristine waters and with a bunch of great people. The instructors taught us the basics but once we got hold of it, we were able to venture around nicely. They even took photos for us with the scenic backdrop of Okutama! The sake brewery afterwards was also great idea to unwind a little over food & drinks - I was even given an "Ochoko" (cup for Sake) as a souvenir.

TheMadNomad - 2022-08-17

Chilled out, relaxed trip in Okutama. The instructor made sure everyone was able to have fun & enjoy their kayaking experience in mother nature. They also brought along water proof camera to take photos of everyone.

Kaju - 2022-08-10

It was amazing weekend to had great experience for the first time Kayaking at Okutama with TSC! The registration and directions to the spot are clear and full in English (Foreigners friendly) haha. Our tour leader also great, friendly and informative to give us an instruction and recommendation activities after the kayaking. We did sake testing and swimming also chills at Tama riverside. Must try for you who just come to Japan and anyone who just getting bored with jobs, school and wants to get a new friends while doing some fun activities ! 5/5

Deri - 2022-06-27

I had a lot of fun: the guide was very nice and accommodating. The activity was well organised and even if it was a bit cold, once we started having fun I did not mind it at all. I'm definitely going again!

asd_asd - 2022-04-19

This was a fun trip even when there was light rain. Definitely something I would do again.

- 2021-12-06

The kayaking trip in Okutama was very fun. Our guide was cheerful and friendly. Even though we were a big group, she led us with confidence and interacted with everyone. She also easily translated what the kayak guide was saying. It was raining on the day, so we were worried that the event wouldn't happen or that we wouldn't have fun if we went, but everyone in the group had a really good attitude, and we all played around in the kayaks, laughing together, despite the weather. The visit to the sake tasting area was the icing on the cake. By that time, it has stopped raining, and we were free to spend a leisurely time sipping sake and enjoying the beautiful outdoors. I definitely recommend this trip to anyone looking to have some fun outdoors and meet new people.

Kristin - 2021-10-19