Shikinejima Island Getaway

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Shikinejima is part of a group of sub-tropical islands located approx. 180km from Tokyo. The island is famous for its crystal clear waters, spectacular snorkeling / diving locations, white sandy beaches and the natural hot springs that bubble out of the ground all over the island. We will be camping in a beautiful shady campground located right in front of a great swimming/snorkeling beach. There are also many other beaches, hot springs and other attractions within a 5 ~ 15min cycle from our campground to explore. The campground is well maintained and has toilets/showers, fresh water, bbq areas etc.

Shikinejima really is an island paradise - whether you plan to lie on the beach with a good book and relax, spend your time with the marine life snorkeling or diving, or explore the many seaside hot springs, youre guaranteed a great time on the island!

The Plan

Meet at Takeshiba Terminal (near JR Hamamatsucho Station)
Ferry departs from Tokyo. Relax or party on the deck as the ferry cruises under the rainbow bridge and out of Tokyo bay. Sleep on one of the many deck areas throughout the ferry or in our reserved seats.
7:30 (Approx) ~ 10:30:
Arrive at Shikinejima. head to the campground and set up camp. Pick up our rental cycles.
10:30 ~ 17:00:
Fun exploring the island! Sunbaking, snorkeling, diving, cycling, hiking, hot springs, relaxing!
17:00 ~ late:
Dinner & group party until late at the beach campground
8:00 ~ 09:00 :
Breakfast at the campground
9:00 ~ 14:00:
Fun exploring the island! Sunbaking, snorkeling, diving, cycling, hiking, hot springs, relaxing!
14:10 ~ 17:00:
Catch the super fast Jet Foil ferry back to Tokyo. Takes only just over 3hrs! Zoom through the beautiful Izu islands.


  • Ferry (Large Passenger Ship) - Tokyo ~ Shikinejima
  • Jet Foil (Fast!) Ferry back from Shikinejima to Tokyo.
  • Dinner on Saturday night
  • Breakfast on Sunday morning
  • Two days bicycle rental
  • All required cutlery, bowls, cups, cooking equipment etc needed for the provided meals.
  • Experienced English and Japanese speaking trip leaders
  • Maps of the island
  • Insurance for the whole trip
  • Chance to get out of Tokyo and spend the weekend on a beautiful island with a fun group of people!

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