Yoga in Yoyogi Park

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During these sessions, we will teach safe yoga postures, different meditation and breath-work techniques. We will be combining both spiritual and physical practices in one. With many variations and adjustments to suit everyone’s needs. You will leave fully stretched, relaxed & full of life!

Our yoga instructor has a 500hr RYT certified through training in Bali and Okinawa. Teaching Vinyasa, Flow, Yin and Restorative styles, Reiki Energy Healing, Ayurveda and biohacking, come join our yoga session where you will be able to discover the zen side of you!

The session will last 1.5 hour and include:

-5 min yoga philosophy talk
-15 min breath work ( pranayama)
-1 hr yoga Asana practice ( gentle Vinyasa flow: deep stretch with adjustments )
-10 min guided mediation

Yoga mat rental available for 500yen.

After the lesson everyone is welcome to tea and chat.

The Plan

Meet outside of Yoyogi Koen Station (Chiyoda Line) Exit 4
10:30 ~ 12:30:
Guided Yoga session

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Trip Reviews

I loved the energetic breathing practice in the beginning, doing yoga with beats is a whole new experience for me

momo - 2023-04-04

I really enjoyed the yoga class in nature. breathwork meditation and yoga asana combined blew away my mind. felt so energized and happy after. The instructor provided adjustements and the yoga class fit both experienced yogi and the first comers. cannot wait to join again.

Senia - 2023-04-05

It's the best way to disconnect from the world of stress and tensions. I personally felt very relaxed after the session. It was an amazing experience. Instructor was a very well trained yoga teacher who guides and helps you through the process of stretch poses based on the candidate's level of flexibility. The explanation of philosophical element behind the type of yoga posture was simply beautiful. Guaranteed relaxation of mind at the end of the session. I like to join again and would recommend anyone who wants to experience the freedom of life.

Naz - 2023-04-25