How to Deposit over the Counter at Japan Post Office

Firstly, go to your local Post Office and find the Japan Post Bank (sometimes called Yuucho) desk. There should be withdrawal and deposit forms on a desk nearby. You need to use the blue deposit form as in the picture below:

Japan Post Deposit Form - If you cant see this picture please call us!

  • You must write Tokyo Snow Club in Japanese as shown above (apologies for the messy handwriting!)

  • You can write your name in English, Katakana or Kanji. 

  • You can write your address in English or Japanese.

  • You MUST show I.D that shows your name and the address you write on the deposit slip. This address can be in Japan or overseas. I.D could be a gaijin card, drivers licence, passport (if it has your address), health insurance card, bank book etc.

  • Its probably a good idea to print the above picture and take it with you so you can easily find the correct form.

  • Japan Post fees - 525yen if deposting 30000yen or less and 730yen if depositing more than 30000yen.

  • If you have any problems please call us at (050) 5806 5616.

Good Luck!