Wine, Wine, Wine, and other stuff

In Vino Veritas 

In wine there is truth! We at TSC love wine. It’s really that simple. Due to our love for wine we love to add wineries to as many of our Yamanashi trips as we can. A lovely morning hike through a gorge, afternoon of wine.  Check out a flower festival, afternoon of wine. Boat cruise around the Mt Fuji lakes, afternoon of wine. Check out some ice caves, you guessed it… afternoon of wine!

Come join us for an afternoon of wine and a morning of outdoor scenic fun. We will  head to the Japanese wine region of Katsunuma to drink all the wine, learn a little bit about the area during a winery tour, and drink some more wine!

If you wanna drink some wine with some other stuff our next trip down there is to the beautiful Shosenkyo Gorge!

Check out the details for the June 18th trip HERE

Also – Godzilla eating ice cream.