Miyakejima Dolphin Swim Island Getaway

Miyakejima Dolphin Swim Island Getaway

A weekend island getaway to beautiful Miyakejima. Famous for its friendly, wild dolphins. Trip includes dolphin swimming tour!! Also camping, snorkeling, swimming, scuba, hiking, relaxing and more!


Miyakejima and neighboring Mikurajima are part of the Izu islands chain that includes the well-known Niijima and others. Miyake and Mikura Islands are famous for being home to a large family of 200 Indo-Pacific Bottlenose dolphins. These dolphins are living in the wild, in their natural environment however they are very friendly and as such enjoy coming right up to swimmers and snorkelers and playing around them. This rare phenomenon allows us to experience the friendly dolphins up close and personal in their natural habitat! While swimming with the dolphins its possible that you will meet small family groups, mothers, young adults and even super cute babies! This is definitely a good trip for a waterproof camera!

We are taking the large passenger ferry over to the island. We have reserved spaces in rooms for our group on board and can also hang out and relax, on the top decks during the cruise. We will be camping in a beautiful, ocean front camp ground with good facilities. There are some great snorkelling spots only a short walk from the camp ground. The dolphin swim tour operations are strictly limited in regards to the number of people who can visit the dolphins each day to ensure the area is kept clean and the dolphins kept happy. As such we can only fit an absolute max of 18 people on this trip so please sign up as soon as you can if you are interested.

The Plan

Meet at Takeshiba Ferry Terminal in Tokyo. Get on the ferry. We have reserved spaces to keep our gear, stretch out and sleep. We will also hang out and party on the deck whilst the boat cruises out through Tokyo Bay.
05:00 ~ 07:00:
Arrive on Miyakejima! Bus to the camp ground. Set up camp and relax - catch up on some sleep! Explore the island.
07:00 ~ 16:00:
Dolphin swimming! We have a charter boat which will take us to the nearby Mikurajima where the friendly dolphins play in the gentle waters.
16:00 ~ late:
BBQ dinner at the campsite. Campfire and good times until late.
7:00 ~ 12:00:
Breakfast at the campsite. Sightseeing on the island, snorkeling, swimming, relaxing.
12:00 ~ 13:00:
Pack up camp and make our way to the ferry port.
13:20 ~ 20:45:
Ferry back to Tokyo. Cruise through the beautiful Izu islands and into Tokyo Bay. Relax and/or party up on deck or in our reserved area.


  • Round trip, reserved space ferry tickets from Tokyo to Miyakajima.
  • Dolphin swimming tour. Includes charter boat, guides, life jackets.
  • Shuttles from the ferry to the campground and to the dolphin swim departure point
  • Camp ground fees
  • Free tent rental (2~3 person tent)
  • BBQ dinner on the Saturday night.
  • Breakfast on the Sunday morning.
  • All required cooking gear - bbqs, charcoal, plates, cutlery, food etc.
  • Trip leader for the whole weekend
  • Accident compensation insurance and 10% sales tax

Dates & Availability

Depart End Space Price Booking
Oct 4th (Fri) Oct 6th (Sun) 13/20 49500円 Book

Trip Notes

* Full length wetsuits, snorkel & mask, swimfins and boots for the swimfins are required for this trip. You are welcome to bring your own, or these items can be rented on the island for the following prices: Wet suit: ¥1,500, Mask: ¥500, Fins: ¥500, Snorkel: ¥500, Boots: ¥500.

* You must have experience snorkeling in open water (the ocean) to join this trip. You can still join if you have no experience, however in that case you must take part in a training session on the island prior to the dolphin swim. The cost of this session is 3500yen.

* Depending on the weather, sea conditions, the dolphin swim part of the tour may be held on Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning.

Trip Reviews

Great trip if you love dolphins! It's quite a journey out to where the dolphins are, so I can see folks that are not motivated enough getting bogged down by the transport, early morning, and/or sea sickness (it's another 30-60min long boat ride from the island to where the dolphins are). I enjoyed the trip though, definitely worth it to hear the dolphins whistling and chirping in the water in my opinion :) Due to weather, the trip I was on split everyone into 2 groups that went out Saturday morning (right after the beginners lesson right after arriving on the island) and Saturday afternoon (this group set up camp first). I think usually there's a group going out Saturday and another on Sunday. For my group we got to go into the water 4 times (look for dolphins, jump in and swim with dolphins, get back on the boat, repeat), not sure if they limit by time or by number of swim opportunities. The trip leaders handle BBQ dinner (Sat) and breakfast (Sun), and accommodate vegetarians and other dietary restrictions (just let them know in advance)! They brought tofu and made the yakisoba vegetarian (without the sauce which had fish seasoning in it) for the vegetarians, which I really appreciated. There's also a huge serving of salad, fried rice, normal yakisoba, bbq veggies, and lots of meat for our trip. Cereal, yogurt, eggs, bread, juices, milk/soymilk for breakfast. The campsite was nice but not close to much. We swam for a bit and also took a walk up to a small grocery store and a shrine. It's nice if you bring some games to play with the other travelers. The bathrooms have bidets but the showers are pretty bare (there's hot water though!). We had rain during our stay so Tokyo Snow Club brought some tarps to help protect the tents, which definitely helped make the stay more enjoyable given the conditions.

Kat - 2024-06-30

Well prepared guides. Ferry was a great experience to the island & back. Partners on the island that conduct the dolphin tours were extremely helpful for those who had never swam in the ocean before. Those who are experienced will also have a lot of fun as you can free dive with the dolphins. They even captured awesome gopro footage of our sightings. The area where the dolphins live is also lovely, our boat took a quick tour around the island. The campsite has a beautiful beach right outside & the reef has some interesting creatures from turtles to parrot fish to trumpet fish, too! The guides did an excellent job coordinating things and communicating what was to happen next. They also are fantastic chefs and engineers of tarps that kept everyone mostly try in the rain. You'll think this is a once in a lifetime trip, but then you'll come back wanting to go again. Its one of those trips that is just 48 hours, but you feel like you were gone for 90. Only tip is bring drinks & an extension cord for the boat ride, a game for the campsite and of course excitement for the trip ahead! :)

J - 2024-06-18

It wasn't my first tour with TSC, so I wasn't surprised that everything was as well organized as always. Communication went smoothly and everything was thought of. About the trip itself: it was my first time snorkeling, but there was nothing to worry about. The most important things are explained in a short beginner's course. Then we were off to see the dolphins. This great experience lasted about two hours and I wouldn't want to miss it! We spent the rest of our time on the island with super nice people and guides having a BBQ, relaxing and playing games before heading back around midday the next day. Thank you guys for the great time. I'm already looking forward to the next tour with TSC.

luckyloona - 2024-06-18