Miyakejima Dolphin Swim Island Getaway

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Miyakejima Dolphin Swim Island Getaway - Japan

Miyakejima Dolphin Swim Island Getaway


Miyakejima and neighboring Mikurajima are part of the Izu islands chain that includes the well-known Niijima and others. Miyake and Mikura Islands are famous for being home to a large family of 200 Indo-Pacific Bottlenose dolphins. These dolphins are living in the wild, in their natural environment however they are very friendly and as such enjoy coming right up to swimmers and snorkelers and playing around them. This rare phenomenon allows us to experience the friendly dolphins up close and personal in their natural habitat! While swimming with the dolphins its possible that you will meet small family groups, mothers, young adults and even super cute babies! This is definitely a good trip for a waterproof camera!

We are taking the large passenger ferry over to the island which is a brand new ship as of late last year. We have reserved rooms and can also hang out, relax, party and even sleep up on the top decks during the cruise. We will be camping in a beautiful, ocean front camp ground with good facilities. There are some great snorkelling spots only a short walk from the camp ground. The dolphin swim tour operations are strictly limited in regards to the number of people who can visit the dolphins each day to ensure the area is kept clean and the dolphins kept happy. As such we can only fit an absolute max of 20 people on this trip so please sign up as soon as you can if you are interested.

The Plan

Meet at Takeshiba Ferry Terminal in Tokyo. Get on the ferry. We have reserved spaces to keep our gear, stretch out and sleep. We will also hang out and party on the deck whilst the boat cruises out through Tokyo Bay.
05:00 ~ 07:00:
Arrive on Miyakejima! Bus to the camp ground. Set up camp and relax - catch up on some sleep! Explore the island.
07:00 ~ 16:00:
Dolphin swimming! We have a charter boat which will take us to the nearby Mikurajima where the friendly dolphins play in the gentle waters.
16:00 ~ late:
BBQ dinner at the campsite. Campfire and good times until late.
7:00 ~ 12:00:
Breakfast at the campsite. Sightseeing on the island, snorkeling, swimming, relaxing.
12:00 ~ 13:00:
Pack up camp and make our way to the ferry port.
13:20 ~ 20:45:
Ferry back to Tokyo. Cruise through the beautiful Izu islands and into Tokyo Bay. Relax and/or party up on deck or in our reserved area.

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