Katsunuma Grape, Wine & Fire Festival

Katsunuma Grape, Wine & Fire Festival

Annual grape festival with wine & grape juice from local wineries, walking winery tour, spectacular burning shrine & fireworks show, live bands, performances & more!
Katsunuma Grape, Wine & Fire Festival - Japan

Katsunuma Grape, Wine & Fire Festival


The Katsunuma Grape festival is an annual event that showcases the grape oriented produce from the region. You can sample the wines and grape juices from over 25 of the local wineries. The festival also features performances throughout the day, 40 gourmet food stalls and culminates in a spectacular giant burning shrine gate on the mountain side with accompanying fireworks.

The Plan

Meet in Shinjuku. All aboard the TSC Bus! Chat with old and new friends and get excited! Stop for snacks / rest along the way
12:00 ~ 19:30:
Fun at the festival! Sample the great food, wine & grapes at the festival. Sit back, relax and take in some of the live entertainment. Optional (free) walking tour of local wineries.
19:00 ~19:30:
Fireworks and giant burning shrine performance!
19:30 ~ 21:00:
Private bus back to Shinjuku.

Trip Reviews

As someone who doesn't like rigid schedules and is easily tired out by large groups but does enjoy wine and new experiences, this trip was a perfect balance. Except for the bus timings, you are free to go around the festival and area as you like. Because we split into smaller groups, we could exchange notes on which stalls to visit when we bumped into each other. Divide and conquer!

Eppie - 2023-10-09

It was fun, we saw the festival and tasted grapes and wines, there is many winery would have spent more if the highway was clearer that day

momo - 2022-11-01


Haru - 2022-10-15

Great time! No expectations so no disappointments. Guides were great. Day was gorgeous! No complaints here!!

Renee Debus - 2022-10-03

For me, most of the fun happened once the sun went down. That's when they lit the torches, the drums came out on stage, and then fireworks! During the day it's walking from winery to winery which is a nice walk but a bit too hot on the day we went.

Janel - 2022-10-03