Okutama Rafting

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Rafting in Japan is one of the most fun and exciting ways to escape the city, spend time outdoors and refresh yourself in beautiful natural surroundings. You dont need any previous experience and all equipment is provided.

During our Okutama rafting trips we meet at Mitake Station (90min direct train from Shinjuku) and walk together along the river to the rafting base. After getting changed and equipped we spend the morning heading down stream on the rafts, battling the rapids along the way! Its six people per raft so its also a great way to meet people as you work together to master the river. After a fun morning on the river we take a short riverside stroll to the local sake brewery where we can have lunch by the river and try some of the fantastic local rice wine on offer. There is also the option to visit one of the local hot springs as well before heading back to Tokyo.

The Plan

Meet at Mitake Station in Okutama (70min & 920yen from Shinjuku). Walk to the rafting base centre.
9:00 ~ 12:00:
White water rafting in Okutama! learn basic techniques. Battle the rapids!
12:00 ~ 15:30:
Short riverside hike to the local sake brewery. Lunch by the river. The brewery features beautiful gardens, restaurant, sake tasting and more. A great way to spend the afternoon relaxing by the river!
15:30 onwards:
Head to the local onsen (optional) before heading home.

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Trip Reviews

The rafting trip was amazing. The weather was beautiful and the water was cool and refreshing. Keiji was an amazing tour guide and added more fun to the trip. It was a great way to meet other people on this trip as well and make new friends. After the rafting Keiji introduced us to this local restaurant. The food there was great including the fish that was freshly grilled. Last stop was the sake brewery. We each bought a bottle of sake and shared it by the wonderful refreshing river. I'll come do this again when the weather gets warmer.

Nessa - 2021-10-21