Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

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Stand-up paddle boarding is a leisurely and fun way to explore the area and take in the beautiful leafy green surroundings. We will be stand-up paddle boarding on the Shiromaru section of the Tama river which is predominantly a gentle lake like section famous for its incredible green and clear waters. We will be doing a beginners course so its fine for first-timers.

Following our morning on the water, we will take a short hike along the riverside to the local Sake Brewery where we can sample the great local sake and have lunch by the river. After relaxing at and exploring the sake brewery and gardens you can choose to head home or visit the local onsen.

The Plan

Catch the holiday express train from Shinjuku
Meet at SHIROMARU Station in the Okutama area. Walk to the SUP base centre.
10:00 ~ 13:00:
Stand-up paddle boarding in Okutama! Learn basic techiniques. Take in the beautiful lush green surroundings. Relax on the river.
13:00 ~ 15:30:
Visit the beautiful riverside sake brewery. Lunch by the river. Sake tasting.

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Trip Reviews

Awesome trip with awesome people

Annishere - 2023-11-08

The trip was awesome and very well organised. Our tour guide was very welcoming and energetic and even treated us to some sake at the end of the day. Great opportunity to meet other people too if attending alone. Definitely recommend - Okutama is such a beautiful area!

Cassie - 2023-10-20

It was a very nice trip. The water was vey nice and warm.

Erin - 2023-09-25

Super fun experience. The river is really beautiful and Keiji did a great job of organising everything. Just wished that the experience could have been longer!

Vipul - 2023-04-25

Stand-up paddle boarding on the Shiromaru section of the Tama River was a leisurely and fun experience, with clear green waters and a beginner's course perfect for first-timers. The nearby sake brewery provided a great opportunity to relax and explore local culture, with the option to visit the local onsen for ultimate relaxation. Highly recommend this trip.

Flash - 2023-04-24