Climb Mt Fuji - Day Hike

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This is a once in a lifetime experience! With the goal of reaching the summit of the highest mountain in Japan! We will be hiking the full day, starting in the morning and finnishing up in the evening.

The official climbing season for Mt Fuji lasts for only a few months, from July to early September. The trek to the summit is extremely popular and is completed annually by around 250,000 people! Reaching the summit of this incredible mountain leaves an unbeatable feeling of achievement and the spectacular views are well worth the hike.

There are several different trails to climb Mt. Fuji. On this trip, we will be taking the Fujinomiya trail starting at the 5th station. This is the highest 5th station starting point of all the Mt Fuji trails and as such the hike to the summit is the shortest of all the routes. It is considered an intermediate level course, and while there is no actual climbing required, there are some steep parts where you will need to use your hands. We will be taking the hike nice and easy to allow us to aclimatize to the alititude and reserve our energy.

Our hiking group will be split into smaller groups of ten people with one guide per group.

You will never look at Mt. Fuji the same way again after having climbed to the top. This is definitely a must do for anyone living in, or visiting Japan. Hope you can join us!

The Plan

Meet in Shinjuku. All aboard the TSC Bus!
09:30 ~ 10:30:
Arrive at Mt. Fuji, Fujinomiya 5th Station. Warm up stretches. Get used to the altitude. Group photo.
10:30 ~ 20:30:
Climb Mt Fuji! Take it easy to get used to the change in altitude. Stop for rests / toilet / snack breaks at stations along the way. Climbing times are approx. 5hours to the summit and then 3 hours for the return hike.
20:30 ~ 23:00:
Board the bus and return to Shinjuku.

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Trip Reviews

Super fun and challenging day trip to Fuji. Amazing views from up top. Great host that made sure everyone was looked after!

Ken - 2023-08-09