Climb Mt Fuji - Summit Sunrise (Mt. Hut Stay)

Next Trip: Aug 19, 2023


This is a once in a lifetime experience! With the goal of watching the sunrise from the highest point in Japan, we will be hiking over two days and staying one night in a Mountain Hut near the summit. The official climbing season for Mt Fuji lasts for only a few months, from July to early September. The trek to the summit is extremely popular and is completed annually by around 250,000 people! Reaching the summit of this incredible mountain leaves an unbeatable feeling of achievement and the spectacular views are well worth the hike. Our hike will be timed so that we will reach the summit before the sunrise, catching the first rays of sunlight from the highest point in Japan while the rest of the country sleeps!

There are several different trails to climb Mt. Fuji. On this trip, we will be taking the Fujinomiya trail starting at the 5th station. This is the highest 5th station starting point of all the Mt Fuji trails and as such the hike to the summit is the shortest of all the routes. It is considered an intermediate level course, and while there is no actual climbing required, there are some steep parts where you will need to use your hands. We will be taking the hike nice and easy to allow us to aclimatize to the alititude and reserve our energy.

Our hiking group will be split into smaller groups of ten people with one guide per group.

We will hike during the day on the first day and check into our mountain hut at the 9th station, around 18:00pm. Dinner will be provided at our mountain hut. We will sleep/rest early at the mountain hut and wake early (around 14:30) to hike the remaining approx. 1.5hrs to the summit in time for the sunrise.

After the sunrise, there is also an optional hike all the way around the crater at the summit of Mt. Fuji that takes around 1hr to complete. There is also the chance to send a post card from Japan's highest post office at the summit of Mt Fuji! There are also a few huts at the summit that serve some hot dishes and are open from around 4:30am. A good chance to enjoy breakfast on top of the world!

You will never look at Mt. Fuji the same way again after having climbed to the top. This is definitely a must do for anyone living in, or visiting Japan. Hope you can join us!

The Plan

Meet in Shinjuku. All aboard the TSC Bus! Watch movies, chat with old and new friends and get excited! Stop for snacks / rest along the way
10:30 ~ 11:30:
Arrive at Mt. Fuji, Fujinomiya 5th Station. Warm up stretches. Get used to the altitude. Meet at the start of the trail. Group photo.
11:30 ~ 18:00:
Start the Mt Fuji Climb! Take it easy to get used to the change in altitude. Stop for rests / toilet / snack breaks at stations along the way. Arrive at the 9th station mountain hut.
18:00 ~ 19:00:
Check in to the mountain hut. Dinner, rest and sleep.
02:30 ~ 04:30:
Wake up. Get ready, continue the hike to the summit. Arrive at summit and get a good spot for the sunrise.
04:30 ~ 06:30:
View the sunrise from the highest point in Japan! Explore the summit.
06:30 ~ 11:00:
Descend hike from the mountain and return to the 5th station.
11:00 ~ 14:00:
Board the bus and return to Shinjuku.


  • Round trip, private bus from Tokyo ~ Mt. Fuji, Fujinomiya 5th station ~ Tokyo.
  • Experienced trip leaders and trail maps
  • One night's accommodation in a 9th station mountain hut
  • One dinner at the mountain hut
  • Oxygen canister - 5 litres (very light and only about 25cm long) - helps with aclimatizing to the altitude.
  • Rental headlight & batteries so you can hike hands free. Useful for the final hike to the summit before sunrise on the second day.
  • Energy snack and water (500ml)
  • Accident insurance for the whole weekend
  • Chance to challenge yourself with a fun group of folks!

Dates & Availability

Depart End Space Price Booking
Aug 19th (Sat) Aug 20th (Sun) 27/40 28900円 Book
Aug 26th (Sat) Aug 27th (Sun) 28/40 28900円 Book
Sep 2nd (Sat) Sep 3rd (Sun) 28/40 28900円 Book

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Trip Reviews

Climbing Mt. Fuji was an experience. Our guide stood in the back with us. He also made sure we were safe. I'd have to come back and do this trip again. Due to the weather I did not make it to the summit. However, the views were still beautiful. I met some great people on this trip and we hope to do it again next year.

Nessa - 2021-10-21

what a great experience able to hike Mt. Fuji with the amazing group of people. Well organized by TSC, with nice and friendly and experienced guide ! very recommended !

Adi - 2021-11-04

Probably the most physically taxing thing I have done so far. Started at 6pm and finished at noon the next day. Tour guides were very friendly and considerate of your hiking experience.

- 2021-12-06

My wife and I had a great experience climbing Mt. Fuji with the Tokyo snow club. The staff was really great communicating, knowledgeable n always checking on your well-being. It was a difficult climb n a crazy night of weather rain, hail, wind n fog but one of them was always checking on you(THANK YOU). I can’t wait to book my next adventure with TSC thank you again n see you soon.

Desi - 2022-07-12

This was my first proper hiking trip and was not sure what to expect. Tokyo Snow Club team made sure that everything was taken care from starting point to the return to Shinjiku Station. Hiking was very well coordinated and was at right pace to reach summit right on time. They continuously tracked all group to ensure no one is left behind. Hiking was nice and views were surreal. I would strongly recommend to go through Tokyo Snow Club even if you want to go as your own group so that you don't have to worry about how to pace yourself to reach summit and that's really important to reach summit that you save energy on your way. Thank you Tokyo Snow Club team for your support during this wonderful experience.

Sanjay - 2022-08-09

Very great trip there. Highly Recommend! I am not first time to join the TSC trip, and always, TSC has given me and my wife a very good experience. We don't have too much exp. on hiking, but we were able to make it with the great help from TSC. The climbing pace was well designed. We didn't feel too cold or too hot as we have good breaks. We started the hiking from 6:30 pm and arrived at the 4:30am the next day, which was right 20 mins earlier than the sunrise! Another thing is that that day was also my wife's birthday, our lead urged everyone to celebrate for her birthday at the Fuji Mt. summit under the shinning sunrise. That moment shall be the best of this year! Thank you all for the great help! Looking forward another trip with TSC!

Jerry - 2022-08-09

The hike up the zigzag path to Mt. Fuji was challenging, but reaching the summit made me happy and spiritually refreshed. The view was breathtaking! Thanks for the efficiently and safely organized trip.

Alex - 2022-08-10

Trip was awesome. Enjoyed well..

Pratham - 2022-08-16

It was really a nice trip. the tour guide was helpful and motivative.

opu - 2022-09-05

Best experience in 4 years living in Japan ! Guides are very considerate and caring . It was my second Fuji climbing ans definitely better than the first one . Guys no doubt join ????????????

Senia - 2022-09-06

It was an amazing experience that I will cherish forever! All the guides and my fellow climbers were so nice and supportive!! Cheers to TSC for conducting such amazing trip. Would love to join another trip with TSC very soon!

Parama - 2022-09-07

I joined this tour as solo, and I got new friendly friends to hike with! I was scared to try the highest mountain in Japan, but it was absolutely amazing!! The weather was great like walking under clear stars and with beautiful view! Thank you SO MUCH again, the team of Tokyo Snow Club. I would LOVE to recommend the trips with Tokyo Snow Club!

Miku - 2022-09-08

Climbing mt. fuji was such an unforgettable experience! You will never forget it! The trip with Tokyo Snow Club was amazing, but most importantly, I felt safe the entire hike. We were put into groups and I always had a hiking buddy with me. My group leader always made sure we were doing okay as well. I would definitely recommend hiking with the Tokyo Snow Club!

Louisa - 2022-09-21

It was a very wonderful trip . Thank you for providing the amazing guide with amazing people.

UBAID - 2022-10-07

The most thrilling hike of my life. All thanks to the Tokyo Snow Club team for encouraging us to reach the top.

Manu - 2022-11-21

Although the weather for my trip was not ideal, the tour itself was great. The tour kept great timing for climbing the mountain and I would really recommend this tour if it’s your first time climbing Mount Fuji.

Sophia - 2022-11-22

It was great experience of hiking. Must try once if you are in Japan.

Amy - 2022-12-05

Dream come true. All thanks to the Tokyo Snow Club! For first-timers on Mt. Fuji, the expertise brought by Tokyo Snow Club will get you the most important aspect of climbing Mt. Fuji: Confidence. This was all made possible because the organization was well done, TSC guides were considerate and the people were lovely! I am glad I was able to expand my social network in Tokyo too, by making a few friends. Worth every penny for me!

TheMadNomad - 2023-01-22