Mt Mitake Hike

Mt Mitake Hike

A fun day out hiking the beautiful Mt Mitake. Cable-car to the start point, waterfalls, gorge, lush forests, temples, mountain village & more.


Mt Mitake is a beautiful hiking location near Okutama in western Tokyo. It constantly amazes that such a stunning natural environment can be accessible so easily from Tokyo metro! For this trip we will meet at Mitake station and catch the local bus (10min) to the bottom of the cable car. We will board the cable car (round trip tickets included) which steeply ascends to the start point of our hike. After arriving at the top and taking in the great views, we will begin the hike. We will be taking the rock garden trail which is around 3 to 4hrs in total. It is an easy hike, although there are a few steep sections and also an optional climbing section with ropes and chains. Along the way we will take in waterfalls, mountain streams, a mountain village, temple, forests, lookouts and more.

After the hike, we will ride the cable car and local bus back to Mitake. From there, we can finish up the day with some sake tasting at the beautiful, local riverside sake brewery or visit a local hot spring. Looking forward to a fun day out hiking!

The Plan

9:05 ~ 9:20:
Meet at Mitake Station. Catch the local bus to the cable-car station.
9:20 ~ 10:00:
Ride the cable-car to the start point of the hike. Take in the views from the top of the cable-car.
10:00 ~ 14:30:
Hiking Mt Mitake! We will take the rock garden trail which takes in a mountain village, temple, waterfalls, lush forests, a beautiful gorge and more.
14:30 ~ 15:30:
Rest at the top cable-car station. Catch the cable-car and local bus back to Mitake.
15:30 ~:
Visit the local sake brewery if time. Optional onsen hot spring then catch the train back to Shinjuku.


  • Round trip cable car ticket for Mt Mitake
  • Experienced trip leader with you for the whole hike
  • Accident insurance and 10% consumption tax included.

Dates & Availability

Depart End Space Price Booking
Jun 30th (Sun) Jun 30th (Sun) 5/15 3900円 Book
Sep 29th (Sun) Sep 29th (Sun) 14/15 3900円 Book

Trip Reviews

This was a great walk, the guides were really knowledgable and it was a really fun group of people.

Nina - 2023-12-11

Kind & processionnal guides - great trip & great group!

Léo - 2023-11-03

It was a wonderful trip. Group guide was friendly and responsible. It's totally worth experience for the money.

Tina - 2023-10-30

Enjoyed the hike overall. Yoshi was a great guide - made sure everyone was comfortable and up to pace. Enjoyed the views and of course meeting new people! I was just really happy to be in nature.

Phoebe - 2022-09-27

This trip to Mt Mitake was everything I could expect it to be: full of beautiful sights, of fresh air, of cute paths amidst nature. The hike wasn't hard at all, with regular small pauses (that were good opportunities to meet people), so I would say it's accessible for anyone, and the main spots (the falls, the temple, the rock valley) were really worthwhile. The group of people was very nice, and open to discussion. I've been able to sympathize with quite a few of them, and given that meeting new people was one of my main objectives with this hike, I'd say I'm very satisfied. The tour guides were very competent: they were clear about the organization and took good care of us for the last bit of transport (bus and cablecar). Beside, they were very nice, and available for any question or even to take part in discussions like any other participant, which I find very nice. I look forward to my next event with Tokyo Snow Club.

Thomas - 2022-09-28

One of the best hiking trips I ever have in my life. Great iternary filled with beautiful views to bring happiness and peace in mind. The schedule was also very well planned by the leaders.

Shashi - 2022-10-01

Well organised I am grateful to the guide David who found me in the mountain even I was late for 2 hs for the trip … very nice hike after Fuji feels like a walk !

Senia - 2022-09-27

An absolutely breathtaking vista with a gorgeous shrine dedicated to man’s best friend. I highly recommend making the trek at least once.

Eri - 2022-04-20

I really liked it. It was so nice making new friends and enjoying the moments in nature. Kaiji San was also really responsible of leading the group in the best way.

VALEH - 2022-04-18