Paintball Adventure

Paintball Adventure

Immerse yourself in the ultimate paintball war game experience on this fun day trip.
Paintball Adventure - Japan

Paintball Adventure


Paintball is a competitive team shooting sport in which players eliminate opponents from play by hitting them with paintballs that break upon impact.

Each player has a rifle powered by compressed air and balls made of soft gelatin and filled with colored, natural ink. Players divide into 2 teams with each team player trying to shoot other team members. The team that eliminates the other team wins the game. There are several different game modes we can try durign the day such as time attack, shoot the bunny, alien encounter etc.

You are welcome to join in small groups or on your own, and we can assign teams on the day.

The paintball experience features a strong focus on safety, with full protective gear and instruction provided. The paintballs used are environmentally friendly.

The Plan

7:00 ~ 08:30:
Meet in Shibuya. Private, charter bus to the paintball base in Chiba.
08:30 ~ 09:00:
Suit up! Get ready for battle. All clothes and protective gear will be provided.
09:00 ~ 12:30:
Paintball war games! Challenge yourself and work in teams to defeat the opposition.
12:30 ~ 13:00:
Clean up. Showers available if needed.
13:00 ~ 14:30:
Private bus back to Tokyo