Kagura Ski & Snowboard Day Trip

Kagura Ski & Snowboard Day Trip

Ski & snowboard day trip to Kagura Ski Resort, famous for powder snow & panoramic views. Free ski or snowboard lessons, hot springs & more!
Kagura Ski & Snowboard Day Trip - Japan

Kagura Ski & Snowboard Day Trip


Kagura is a large and varied resort featuring 23 different lifts and two ropeways. The expansive resort has courses to suit all levels of skiier/boarder including a super long 6000m run! The resort also has some of the most beautiful and panoramic views in the region due to the incredible mountain ranges nearby as well as the several lakes that are scattered throughout.

This one day trip departs from and returns to Shinjuku, travelling on a comfortable Tokyo Snow Club private charter bus. The trip also features free ski and snowboard lessons for those who want to try it out for the first time. We can also arrange any rental gear required. There is a great indoor/outdoor hot spring as well for those who want to relax after a day in the snow. Looking forward to the trip!

The Plan

Meet in Shinjuku. All aboard the TSC Bus! Chat with old and new friends and get excited!
9:30 ~ 15:00:
Arrive at Kagura Snow Resort. Skiing/snowboarding all over Kagura, Tashiro and Mitsumata resorts
15:00 ~ 16:00:
Visit the local onsen (optional) and soak in the indoor/outdoor hot spring baths. Relax with a cold drink
16:15 ~ 20:30:
TSC bus leaves for Shinjuku. Rest and dinner stops along the way.

Trip Reviews

This was my first joining in TSC by my self, also I am very beginner of snowboarder. There were 2 tour conductors and they are also instructors of ski and snowboarding. They were very kind and gave me a beginner lesson at Kagura. At first I was not even able to stand up by myself, but thank you for giving me a lesson patiently, I could finally slide from the top of the slope by myself!! Also I made friends in the bus. This time 25 people attended and they were from several countries. I like that multicultural atmosphere as well.

Takako - 2023-03-19

Short but very nice trip. Well organised as usual, very kind trip leaders. Fully recomended Michael

Michael19680704 - 2023-03-16

Pretty good trip, even though it was by the end of the season, snow still was kinda ok, weather was great and the bus didn't take that long.

Roi - 2023-03-14

It was awesome!

Erika 1 - 2023-02-21

It was a great trip!! Kudos to the organisers!

nidhal - 2022-12-19

This was my first trip with Tokyo Snow Club, and it was fantastic! They gave me a free lesson for beginners, and it gave me enough confidence to get onto the slope. It was a perfect one-way get away and I will definitely try again. Thanks TSC team!

K - 2022-12-12

Enjoyed first time skiing in Japan with great instructors and exciting group of friends. Kagura resort is beautiful and would love to go there again.

Siva - 2022-12-12

I enjoyed this trip so much. It was a good time and I was able to make new friends. The snow was perfect that weekend and the food was great.

Nessa - 2022-04-01

Fun little day trip early in the season. The weather wasn't great, but it was good to get out and ski again. Friendly guides and other people on the trip as always.

John - 2022-02-02

It was amazing! Didn't expect to have good quality snow in early winter. Met new people, had fun snowboarding together. Also friendly and experienced guide.

Adi - 2021-12-09

Very easy trip. It was nice to not have to worry about transportation to and from resort. Trip leaders took care of everything and we had plenty of time to shred before needing to get back to the bus.

Jeff - 2021-12-08

An enjoyable start to the ski season. The trip was well organised and the time schedule was kept although we arrived 30 minutes late due to heavy traffic. Nice people on board.

Paul - 2021-12-08