Powder Love Hakuba

Powder Love Hakuba

It's that time of year again: party season in Hakuba! Hit the powder during the day and then party until late at Powder Love Hakuba!


Powder Love Hakuba is an annual snow/music event that features several different zones, indoor and outdoor, with live music, food stalls, a DJ club area, illuminations, jump and jibbing course and more!

This trip also features two days skiing/boarding, free lessons, hot springs and all are welcome to join us!

Hakuba Goryu and Hakuba 47 resorts are joined at the top of the mountain, so there's loads of different trails and interesting terrain for you to explore. Both resorts feature runs catering for all levels of experience as well as many beginner, intermediate and advanced park features, and lifts open early.

Looking forward to a fun weekend!

The Plan

19:30 ~ 23:30 approx.:
Meet in Shinjuku. Get on the bus. Depart Shinjuku. Stop for a rest/snack break along the way. Arrive hotel, late night drink or sleep
7:00 ~ 8:00:
Breakfast in the hotel restaurant
8:00am ~ 16:30pm:
Skiing/Snowboarding all over Hakuba Goryu and 47 Resorts
16:30 ~ 18:30:
Soak in the onsen. Relax with a cold drink
18:30 ~ late:
Head out to Powder Love. Dinner at one of the events international food stalls.
7:00 ~ 8:00:
Breakfast in the hotel restaurant
8:00 ~ 15:00:
Skiing/Snowboarding all over Hakuba Goryu and 47 Resorts
15:00 ~ 16:00:
Hit the onsen. Pack up gear and get on the bus.
16:00 ~ 21:00:
Return bus to Shinjuku stopping for rest breaks / dinner along the way

Trip Reviews

firework in the mounatain and traditional Tayko show was so much worth it! definitely was a powder love !

Senia - 2023-03-20

I enjoyed so much the experience, that I have no doubt that i will repeat it again next season.

Luis - 2023-03-17

This was my first trip ever with the TSC. I'm pretty sure I was the oldest member of the travel squad and my son was the youngest but we had the best time and the strangers on the bus soon became friends. This was a fun group to chill with. It was spring skiing but easy to avoid the slush if you knew where to go. The entertainment on Saturday night was red hot. All the logistics went smoothly as well.

Brock - 2023-03-14

Nice organization!

Chicco - 2023-03-14