Shiga Kogen Snow Monkey Powder Weekend

Shiga Kogen Snow Monkey Powder Weekend

Peak season powder at Japans biggest ski resort! Skiing, snowboarding, a visit to the snow monkey onsen, free lessons, party & more!
Shiga Kogen Snow Monkey Powder Weekend - Japan

Shiga Kogen Snow Monkey Powder Weekend


Shiga Kogen is by far Japan's biggest ski resort area, with 18 interconnected ski resorts all accessible with the one lift pass. The high altitude brings consistently great snow conditions and with over 80kms of courses and 70 lifts, the resort is great for all levels of skier/boarder, from first timers to advanced.

Shiga Kogen is also famous for the onsen bathing snow monkeys! The Shiga Kogen snow monkeys are a definite must see and we will be visiting the monkey onsen on the final day of the trip. The snow monkeys have lived in the Shiga Kogen area for several generations and come down from the mountains each day to bath in the natural hot springs at the base. We will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the hot spring bathing monkeys in their natural habitat.

Our hotel for the trip is right on the slopes, only 1min walk/ski from the ski lifts and features a 100% natural hot spring. This long weekend trip also features free lessons for beginner skiers & snowboarders from English speaking instructors, and fun party events each night.

Powder, onsens, snow monkeys and partying at Japan's biggest resort - can't wait!

The Plan

19:30 ~ 23:30:
Meet in Shinjuku. Get on the bus. Depart Shinjuku. Stop for a rest/snack break along the way. Arrive in Shiga Kogen. Check into the hotel. Sleep or late night onsen.
07:30 ~ 08:30:
Breakfast in the hotel restaurant
08:30 ~ 17:00:
Get out there early and ski / snowboard all day.
17:00 ~ 18:00:
Soak in the hotel onsen. Relax with a cold drink
18:00 ~ 19:30:
Dinner in the hotel restaurant
20:00 ~ late:
Party event: drinks, music & good times!
07:30 ~ 08:30:
Breakfast in the hotel restaurant
08:30 ~ 15:00:
Check out of the hotel. Skiing and snowboarding all day OR snow monkey tour. Half day skiing/boarding possible after snow monkey tour.
Soak in the hotel onsen. Pack up gear. Relax with a cold drink.
16:00 ~ 20:30:
Return bus back to Shinjuku. Stop for snacks/dinner along the way.

Trip Reviews

Great coordinated trip! Everything was smooth and easy. Tour leaders were very kind and helpful! Worth the money!

Jackie - 2024-07-24

This was my first trip with Tokyo Snow Club and my expectations were exceeded! It quickly became apparent that TSC was very experienced in organizing these trips. Everything was thought of and communication was on point. We arrived on time at the hotel, which was very simple but had everything we needed. A highlight is definitely the hotel's own onsen, which is really relaxing after a day on the slopes. I personally found the breakfast and dinner to be delicious and varied. It was easy to make friends and find like-minded people with similar skill lev. In my case, I took the beginner's class, so I usually sticked to other beginners. But there were also a lot of experienced people there who went out on more difficult tracks together. There was something for everyone. Needlessly to say everyone was super friendly and helpful. Looking forward to join another TSC trip soon!

luckyloona - 2024-03-25

It was a great trip with great people all around. The hotel was at the perfect location and the staff were super friendly and helpful. Would definitely be back

Dash - 2024-03-20

Great Management and coordination from the Incharges. loved the trip and the exciting activities. Excited to join on the next one. However Vegan options could be better. Thank you Tokyo Snow Club. See you in the next one.

Ravi Bharathwaj - 2024-03-21

Amazing 6th trip with Tokyo Snow Club. Had an absolute blast with the hosts and the other fun and amazing people we met. If you’re looking for the most fun and affordable way to ski in Japan this is it!!

Nick - 2024-03-19

Epic Weekend at Shiga Kogen with Tokyo Snow Club! ❄️ An amazing 2-day ski trip to Shiga Kogen with Tokyo Snow Club, and I couldn't recommend it more to someone who hasn't tried skiing before especially! The whole experience was fantastic - from the comfortable travel arrangements to the perfectly located hotel The Organizers and the Ski/Snowboarding experts gave wonderful training to beginners, solid basics and valuable learning session. Highlights: Powder Paradise: Shiga Kogen lived up to the hype! Perfect snow conditions made carving down the slopes a dream. Monkey Magic: Visiting the Snow Monkey Park was an unforgettable experience. Seeing those monkeys soaking in the hot springs was incredible! Convenience King: The trip was so well organized - everything from transportation to meals was taken care of, leaving me free to focus on enjoying the place and ambience. Looking forward to another ahead with TSC. -MSA

MSA - 2024-03-19

Thank you for another fun weekend on the slopes! I had the chance to meet very nice people, and enjoyed not only the slopes but also the amazing party with free drinks and games. The guides always provide useful info, clear instructions and are always ready to help with whatever you may need:)

Francesca - 2024-03-19

Amazing weekend! Luckily we got fresh snow, and riding with TSC staff is always fun. TSC trips are totally recommended!

Roi - 2024-02-15

I had the best time on this trip! My roommates were so kind and from many different countries. We went snowboarding together and had meals together as well. The powder was amazing! So much to explore and do and wonderful people to talk to and learn from. I had fun playing cards against humanity at the party. I felt like the party was great for both outgoing and more introverted people as there were many different activities and things too. Another amazing trip!

KT - 2024-02-13

Great trip, my fourth with Tokyo Snow Club. It’s definitely the most affordable, convenient, and fun way to hit the slopes. Meet great people, eat good food, and enjoy the amazing staff! Can’t wait for my 5th trip.

Nick - 2024-02-12

Wonderful trip. We were blessed with good weather and good snow. The staffs were friendly and helpful as per usual. I would love to join them again

Quang - 2024-02-05

Super fun and quiet slopes! Great for beginners like me who need the space and no-stress environment to get used to the slopes. The snow monkey trek was a little bit far, so do wear proper snow shoes and try and take an onsen the night before or you'll be aching while walking!!

Lynn T. - 2024-02-01

My boyfriend and I had the most wonderful time at Shiga Kogen! The conditions of the slopes were amazing and super easy to access the whole area right from the yama no Eki which is very close by. We enjoyed everything from the clean room, the wonderful food, and the friendly people. Would love to go again soon.

KT - 2024-02-01

Phenomenal experience from start to finish. The bus ride to the resort was super fun (despite the delays). I was able to very quickly meet people at my snowboarding level and we had an amazing time shredding powder for two days. We couldn't have asked for better weather. The party was great, breakfast was fine, the dinner could have been better, but good enough. Bus, accommodation, storage, tickets, and everything was well organized. I would totally recommend a TSC event to my friends and maybe attend another in the future. Thank you!

Chris - 2024-01-30

The trip was a lot of fun. The mountain was great and we managed to get through a lot of the courses. Our room was good, and the venue was quaint but friendly. The second day trip to see the Snow Monkey was a needed breather after the entire day of snowboarding. Will definitely go again

Dave - 2024-01-11

It was a magical trip, seeing beautiful snow for the first time ever. Learning how to ski great lesson. The trip leaders Robin and Bunzo were so amazing and helpful. Snow monkeys just so wonderful to see them. An awesome experience of a lifetime so worth it!

Payal - 2024-01-09

Well-organized and interesting trip!

Sherry - 2023-03-30

A fantastic weekend at Shiga-Kogen with TSC. After being able to compare with similar travel organisations, I must say that TSC is by far the best organised, the friendliest and the best value for money.

Paul - 2023-03-21

I joined Shiga Kogen for the 2nd time. Everything was great. The hotel just next to the slope with nature that I could see many monkeys.

DAOW - 2023-03-21

Very well organised as usual. That was my third trip to Shiga Kogen.

Llano - 2023-03-14

It was my second trip with the TSC. It was also my first time skiing, so i took the begginers lesson with Stephen. He is a very good and patient teacher. At the end i did the route twice, and i had a great time. Also the place is amazing. The landscape is really amazing, i took a lot of great photos there. The hotel was pretty comfortable and have it`s own onsen. The food there is also great, especially the dinner, it`s was really surprising. We earned some cupons to spend at near by restaurants and store and it was really worth it. Also did the snow monkey park trip, and it is also really cool. Throughout the trip people were very friendly and it was easy to have fun with them. The only bad part is that it was only two days. I definitely recommend and will participate again in other trips.

Victor - 2023-03-12

Compact yet very well organised trip! I am glad to have squeezed in 2 days of superb skiing and a social party with tonnes of outgoing people. Superb snow but difficult place to go so glad that TSC took us out!

TheMadNomad - 2023-03-02

Thanks to the trip leaders for a great trip! I had a good time despite it being my first time snowboarding (and falling a ton!).

Ron - 2023-02-28

Really good value for money and AMAZING staff, will definitely be joining next year!

Roxy - 2023-03-01

TSC picks one of the best ski-in/ski-out hotels at Shiga Kogen. Situated next to Yamanoeki station, you'll be right at the center of the park and can easily find your way to the top. In addition, the hosts do such a good job at keeping us entertained throughout the entire trip. Will definitely return again next season!

Kazu - 2023-02-27

Well organised trip to Shiga-Kogen. A WhatsApp group platform enabled us to meet skiers of the same standard, making skiing together great fun.

Paul - 2023-02-24

Amazing food and organization. Super nice trips.

Julian - 2023-02-14

was amazing trip could do snowboard after the lessons !

Senia - 2023-02-14

Everything was well organized, I liked the party on Saturday. On Sunday I went to see the monkeys which was very interesting as well. Will repeat next year!

charliocat - 2023-02-14

This was my 2nd time to Shiga Kogen and TSC delivered like every time! Got to meet so many people from different countries, had a great time exploring tree runs and shredding the gnar!

Ro - 2023-02-14

Great trip! Shiga Kogen is huge and lots of different kind of runs for all levels, including very nice tree and long runs. As the staff as always very helpful during the whole trip. Totally recommended!

Roi - 2023-02-14

Great organization of the trip as always! Very attentive to small details, polite, nice and fun tour guides. Felt very organized and safe during the whole trip. I’ve invited a lot of my friends to join the trips with TSC, and they always was fully satisfied. Only good impression and great memories. Simple hotels, but very clean, quiet and warm during winter snowy nights. (Though I do prefer softer and more comfy pillows, but I guess it’s my personal preference lol). Made some new good friends from all over the world. And of course Japan has the best snow quality - pure powder! I went to the best snow resorts in Japan with TSC! Going to do more and more. Thank you! And see you soon. :) Best regards, Maria P

Maria Marie - 2023-02-14

I recently took the Shiga Kogen Snow trip and it was fantastic. Despite being alone, I was able to easily connect with others and make new friends. I took the snowboarding lesson, which was very useful, although there is not enough time to become an expert with just one morning lesson. However, the tips I received were enough to get me started on the slopes. I also visited the Monkey Onsen, which was a lovely experience. Overall, I would highly recommend this trip to anyone looking for a fun and enjoyable winter getaway.

Alberto - 2023-02-10

Very nice week end, great team and a lot of new friends. Really enjoy, well organised. I 'll be back. Michael

Michael19680704 - 2023-02-01

Beginner lesson in snowboarding was really helpful. Thank you! Visiting Snow Monkey park was an absolute highlight. Didn’t know they could be so cute! Thank you for great experience!

Ali - 2023-01-31

Great vibes; friendly, competent staff and excellent communication before and during the trip. Thanks! :)

ydc - 2023-01-30

I had a great time on the the Shiga Kogen Snow Monkey Trip. We stayed at a cozy place and were so close to the mountains. The onsen in the hotel was nice to visit and everyone was super friendly. Shiga Kogen is a beautiful area- felt like a winter wonderland and the snow monkeys were adorable. Super organized, super fun trip. I highly reccommend.

Ila - 2022-04-19

Loved it! - 2022-03-01

Well planned trip. Big & amazing ski area! Could have spent more than 2 days here.

Cvz - 2022-02-02

I had a great time on this trip Shiga Kogen has wide and nice slopes I enjoyed snowboarding so much And needless to say, snow monkeys were so cute Thank you so much Tokyo Snow Club! I will join the other trip!

Ryoko - 2022-02-04

Excellent first trip experience with the Tokyo Snow Club. Well organized, the trip leaders Steven and JJ did a great job. Booking another trip soon!

Yaz - 2022-02-01

T.Y here. Definitely joining the group is a good way to meet a bunch of cool people who love the snow as you do. Very very satisfied with the trip and will be joining again soon. Thank you Tokyo snow club for a great time!

TY - 2022-02-01

I had a great time skiing at Shiga Kogen. As a beginner skier, Stephen was a very accomodating and patient ski instructor. He adapted the practice to suit our needs and everything was great quality. JJ was with us all the way too. Her efficiency, communication and ability to keep everybody on track was top notch. Finally, getting to know other people and the social side was so much fun. I'd definitely sign up for other trips!

Sousou - 2022-02-01

I had a great time on my first trip with Tokyo Snow Club! Tokyo Snow Club made the entire trip extremely easy, especially for a non-experienced skier. The beginner lesson was really fantastic and the equipment rentals were very easy. I also really enjoyed seeing the Snow Monkeys! The hotel was pretty bare-bones but it did the job of serving as a place to sleep and had a nice onsen. The food was okay, but I'm glad it was accommodating to my vegan friend who had a specially prepared dinner just to meet her eating restrictions. Though the party was cancelled due to covid, we still had a really nice time meeting people. I do think it would be nice if dinner wasn't assigned tables by room so that people could mingle and meet each other during that time instead of only sitting with the people they already know. Overall, I had a really great time and I am excited to go on more trips with Tokyo Snow Club in the future. Happy skiing!

Julia - 2022-02-01