Cortina & Tsugaike Snow Festival

Cortina & Tsugaike Snow Festival

Weekend getaway to ski/snowboard at two resorts famous for their deep powder and to check out the Tsugaike Snow Fest! Ski-in/ski-out hotel, two big resorts, free lessons, fireworks, fire ski show, hot springs and more!
Cortina & Tsugaike Snow Festival - Japan

Cortina & Tsugaike Snow Festival


The Tsugaike Snow Festival is held once a year and features the largest fireworks display in all of the Hakuba Valley. There is also a fire ski show and pro-skiier, boarder fire jump show. This is a fun apres. ski event thats definitely worth checking out!

Tsugaike Kogen Ski Resort is a large-scale resort with slopes for all levels. The lower areas are incredibly wide and spacious making this the perfect place for learning to ski/board without having to worry about getting in the way of other skiers. The resort features a super long gondola, two hit park areas, a hike up back country area and more.

Cortina is a favorite among Hakuba locals, as it receives the most snowfall of the Hakuba resorts and consistently sports the best powder snow in the region. Cortina has loads of specially sectioned off back country and tree run areas that are great fun for the more adventurous skier/boarder. The lower slopes are wide open and perfect for beginners. There's also a great build your own pizza restaurant at the base. Looking forward to this trip!

The Plan

19:30 ~ 00:00:
Meet in Shinjuku. All aboard the TSC Bus! Watch movies, chat with old and new friends, and get excited! Stop to stretch and grab snacks along the way. Arrive at Tsugaike Kogen. Check-in to the hotel and get some sleep.
Breakfast in the hotel restaurant
8:00 ~ 16:00:
Skiing/Snowboarding at Tsugaike Kogen
16:00 ~ 17:30:
Soak in the local outdoor onsen. Relax with a cold drink
17:30 ~ 18:30:
Dinner in the hotel restaurant
18:30 ~:
Fireworks, fire ski jump show and more at the snow festival!
Breakfast in the hotel restaurant
8:00 ~ 16:00:
Skiing/Snowboarding at Cortina OR Tsugaike Kogen OR onsen and sightseeing/relaxing
16:00 ~ 20:30:
Board the bus and return to Shinjuku

Trip Reviews

Loved the energy the Tokyo Snow Club team brings. Well organized and rentals were easy to get. Awesome experience! Would love to travel with TSC soon!!

Abrar - 2023-06-24

Great trip with great hosts Fireworks were great and bar for the night out was good fun Well arranged day trip to Cortina too Looking forward to next seasons trip

GD - 2023-03-09

My husband and I had maximum fun in this trip and were sad when it was over. It was our first time in Hakuba (we go skiing weekly to Fujiten, which is closer to our home)and Tokyo Snow Club made sure it was a fantastic trip. The trip organizers/leaders were amazing giving information/instructions about scheduling, time management and activities. REALLY recommend Tokyo Snow Club for super fun skiing/snowboarding trips!

CyberLola - 2023-03-07

All I can say is that everything was just perfect about this trip. It was my first time skiing, and I took free lessons from the TSC staff, which was very helpful. The fireworks were amazing and the party that followed was just cherry on top. The dinner and breakfast were also very delicious and were cooked separately for me because of my dietary restrictions. I had so much fun and made some great friends on the trip. I look forward to attending more fun trips with the Tokyo snow club!

Durrani - 2022-08-31

A very sunny day on the first day, fireworks under snow fall (romantic!), snowboarding and Backcountry on the powder snow… Above all, staff members are very kind and super friendly. I can’t ask for more. The very best ending of our snowboarding in spring 2022! Can’t wait to join them for snowboarding in winter!

Miki Lindell - 2022-05-07

Highly memorable trip for many reasons: - the locations (enjoying 2 separate mountains in two days) - the memories (learning to use the front edge of my board thanks to Sensei Keiji’s lesson) - the accommodation and the food Great value and good company. Look forward to next snow season.

Maria - 2022-03-27

The snow in Tsugaike was a little bit wet because of the rain, but we got very lucky on the second day in Cortina. It snowed the entire night and it continued during the day. It was so soft that it felt like surfing on water. Probably the best day this season!

Ame - 2022-03-17

Had a great time. First time back on snowboard after 12 years. Green and red runs were just right for me. Dinner at hotel was great. Group event on Saturday was a lot of fun. Trip was well organized.

Jeff - 2022-03-11

One of the best ski and outdoor club for foreigners living in Japan. I started as a noob snowboarder and with the help of Keiji-san (private lessons) I can now do carving (though it is still not perfect). Very cheap and convenient (for people living in Tokyo). They offer free lessons and private lessons which is waaay cheaper compared to snow schools in the resorts. Cant wait for the next ski season!

April - 2022-03-09

This was my first trip with Tokyo Snow Club. Everyone was friendly and there were good vibes the whole weekend. Being able to rent gear made the experience so easy and fun. We were lucky with good weather on day one and lots of snow on day two. I look forward to signing up for another ski trip next season!

Summa - 2022-03-09

If I had to summarize the trip in one sentence: "Ride the bus, enjoy the people, make GREAT memories, have TONS of fun, ride the bus back home". If I had to write more I'd say: great accommodation (we were literally 80 meters from the piste), attentive trip leaders, everything was spelled out clearly: both on paper and digitally, we had a chat group to organize ourselves and there has not been a second where I didn't know what would we do next. It really felt like a group of friends skiing rather than an organized tour with total strangers: definitely going again!

asd_asd - 2022-03-09

Excellent trip, as always the staff is friendly and helpful. The hotel and festival were also pretty good.

Roi - 2022-03-09

Hotel right next to the slope at Tsugaike and Cortina just a 20 minute ride away. What more an you ask for? Definitely one of the best snow trips I've had this season!

Kazu - 2022-03-09

Even though I couldn't speak English, I was thrilled when I participated for the first time, but I had friends so there was no problem. I had a very enjoyable weekend.

MAKI - 2022-03-08

It was an amazing trip. Everybody was super friendly and helpful. The hotel was nice and right in front of the slope. Although it was cloudy, the snow was in good condition. I enjoyed it extremely.

Quang - 2022-03-08

It was so much fun! The slopes were so nice for beginners. Hotel location was also the best because exactly in front of the lifts. At night I had fun at the party and made new friends.

DAOW - 2022-03-08